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The Registrar and Polytechnic System

The Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Polytechnic responsible to the Rector for the day to day administration of the Polytechnic except on matters of finance, where the Bursar takes pre-eminence. He also serves as the Secretary to the Governing Council and its statutory Committees. The Office of the Registrar is the hub of Polytechnic administration and plays important role as the engine room of the Polytechnic and the platform assisting Committee System to run the Polytechnic. It also assist Polytechnic Management to sharpen it goals into realities to befit the purpose of her existence for the benefit of the society and by extension contributes to its growth and success both nationally and internationally. The Registrar and the Registry therefore remains a total reflection of the knowledge base of the Polytechnic through layers of management services rendered.

The Registry: Core Administrative Tenets and Framework

Administration consists of diverse instruments and tools for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting and budgeting (POSDCORB) within an organization. In every organization, administration is continuously guided by ethics of esprit de corps, hierarchy, span of control and unity of command.

Administration of Higher Education Institutions in public education sector is directed towards institutional and sustainable development for effective delivery of State policy and public oriented goals. It helps to guide stakeholders to appreciate academic traditions and administrative behaviours, and apply the requirements for attaining public spirited goals, standards and opportunities for scholarship and academic excellence.

Polytechnic administration is to help serve, articulate and achieve the institutional objectives. The complex nature of the academic community and the Polytechnic system places the Registrar in a vintage position to organize, coordinate and assist the Management to service her divergent and plural communities without turning the Polytechnic into divided bloc. Every Administrator is therefore responsible to the Registrar irrespective of their autonomy, sphere of interest, work specialization and areas of operation in the system.

The Registrar and the Registry

Registry provides layers of management services to the Polytechnic to ensure that intellectual goals and aspirations, human interactions and needs are properly and promptly addressed. The support for Polytechnic governance is provided by the Registry since Committee System remains bedrock of Polytechnic Management supported by administrative structure, organs and offices.

The Registry serve as the Secretariat to Governing Council, the Management, the Academic Board, the Congregation and Convocation. It is therefore a major service provider in pursuing the objectives of the Polytechnic, implementation of decisions and interpretation of policies, circulars and decisions.

To achieve the goals of the Polytechnic, the Registry under the Registrar articulates and coordinates incisive efforts directed at the Polytechnic overall development. This is done through existing structures and personnel in promoting the essence of administrative practices and procedures alongside the observance of Polytechnic rules and regulations, promotion of Polytechnic academic culture, and the acquisition of managerial skills and leadership capacity.

In the Registry, philosophy of administration remains highly bureaucratic in nature and orientation, though it is expected to be economical, dynamic, flexible and human friendly in operation and output. From the Registry in central administration down the ladder to the School administration and other sectors (Sections, Units, Divisions, Directorate and Departments), administration exist to promote uncompromising high quality standards, highly innovative academic organization and well structured educational enterprise; aimed at supporting the community to build resounding teaching-learning culture, community service and sustainable research practice.


In the Polytechnic, administrative Departments and Divisions created by law or convention, assist the Registrar in his day to day administrative activities. Such Offices report to the Registrar in a unified administrative structure including Directorates and operating autonomous and skeletal Units/Sections in the Rectory, Schools and relevant Departments, wherever institutional or professional administration and the Committee system is required.